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Kan Sano (Band Set)
10.20 sun
Kan Sano (Band Set)

キーボーディスト/プロデューサー。 バークリー音楽大学ピアノ専攻ジャズ作曲科卒業。 ビートミュージックシーンを牽引する存在である一方、ジャズとクラシックを融合したような独自のスタイルでピアノ一本の即興演奏もおこなう。バンドセットのライブではトランペット、ベース、ドラムも演奏し、会場を熱狂させる。 リリースした楽曲「On My Way Home」「DT pt.2」「Sit At The Piano」それぞれの再生回数が1,000万回を突破。日本人音楽家としての存在を確立する中、イギリスの名門レーベル Decca Recordsから日本人として初リリース。また、Tom Mischが「Kan Sanoのファンだ」と公言し、自らの日本・韓国公演のオープニングアクトに指名するなど国内外で活躍。 さらに、プロデューサー、キーボーディスト、リミキサーとして、Chara、UA、平井堅、絢香、m-flo等、多数のアーティストのライブやレコーディングへも参加、CM音楽や劇伴も数多く担当している。 “Kan Sano” の名は、様々なシーンに破竹の勢いで浸透中。
Kan Sano
Keyboardist/Producer. Graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Composition with a concentration in Piano. While being a leading figure in the beat music scene, he also improvises on the piano in his own unique style, a fusion of jazz and classical music. He also plays trumpet, bass, and drums in his live band sets, which bring the audience to a frenzy. His released songs “On My Way Home,” “DT pt. 2,” and “Sit At The Piano” have each been played more than 10 million times. While establishing himself as a Japanese musician, he became the first Japanese to release a song on the prestigious UK label Decca Records. He is also active both in Japan and abroad, as Tom Misch has publicly stated that he is a fan of Kan Sano and has appointed him as the opening act for his own concerts in Japan and Korea. Furthermore, as a producer, keyboardist, and remixer, Kan Sano has participated in the live performances and recordings of many artists, including Chara, UA, Ken Hirai, Ayaka, and m-flo, and has also been in charge of many commercial music and play accompaniment projects. “Kan Sano”‘s name is now breaking new ground in various scenes.